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Victoria Cohen: You presented your first collection at 22yrs old. That’s quite young.
What was it about that time in your life that motivated you to take that bold step?

Katie Gallagher: It just made a lot of sense. I could make everything, and the opportunity was there.
Most of all, I had nothing to lose!

VC: What is the statement a person is making when she’s wearing your clothes?
KG. The KG girl wants to be noticed for what she is and how she is presenting
herself to the world. She doesn’t really care that her dress is sheer, she knows how to pull it off.

VC: Who and what influences you in your life and work?
KG: The people around me, the things I see, the places I go.

VC: As a young women with a strong design aesthetic and a definite look,
how do you want to be seen by the fashion world?
KG. Just the way I am.

VC: What was the first piece of clothing you made?
KG. I taught myself how to sew at the end of high school. I used to thrift a lot
and then alter those pieces to fit me. The first thing I made from scratch must’ve been a pencil skirt
I made out of red polka dot fabric.

VC: What do you do for fun?
KG: I like to go to candy stores, go out with friends to nice bars,
try new restaurants, invent cocktails at home with my boyfriend, go to shows,
watch movies on netflix and draw! I miss painting, that’s another one of my favorite things to do…

VC: If you could use three words to describe what you’re about, what would they be?
KG: Halloween, cats, candy.

Photographed by Victoria Cohen


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